Potty Training Your Little Girl

Your little princess is growing up! She’s starting to get really talkative, inquisitive, runs around all day, and also wets her pants and skirts more often. Changing diapers can be tiring once you have a growing kid around, so maybe it’s time to start potty training!

Some experts say that girls learn faster than boys because they aren’t easily distracted. Observe your daughter and look for signs that may indicate that she’s ready to be potty trained. If she can follow instructions, walk and take off her pants, she’s emotionally and physically ready for it.
Here are a few basic steps to train her:

1. Demonstrate The Process
It’s best to let your daughter watch you in the bathroom to let her know that it’s a natural process. She will most likely imitate you so it’s better to explain why you have to go to the bathroom and use the toilet. If your daughter has seen her father or older brother pee standing up, she’ll most likely imitate them. Let her do it – it will be messy but at least she’ll figure out that she has to do it while seated. Explain to her that mommies and baby girls need to sit down to pee.

2. Buy Her The Right Potty Chair
Before she starts using the bathroom toilet, it’s better to invest in a potty chair for her training. Tag her along as you go shopping and let her choose her own chair. Decorate it and write her name on it – personalizing it will only make her eager to learn and use it. Buying a comfortable adapter seat also helps and will make it easier for her. Taking your daughter underwear shopping is also an effective tip that will keep her excited and eager to train.

3. Teach Her How To Properly Wipe Herself
In order to avoid urinary tract infections, instruct your daughter to wipe herself from front to back in order to prevent bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina. Teaching her how to properly wash herself at an early age will also help her get used to it as she grows up.

4. Make It Fun For The Both Of You
Potty training isn’t always supposed to be boring and frustrating. Be creative and make it a fun experience by playing games like how they play with their dolls and stuffed animals. Make use of her toys by placing it in a pretend potty chair beside her while she’s sitting on her own potty. You can also make use of food coloring and put it in the toilet so it changes color every time your daughter pees.

5. Praise And Reward Her
Every time she uses the potty on her own, praise her and reward her with little gifts or just a simple hug and kiss will do! Your daughter will know that she did something good and will most likely repeat it and make it a routine. Also, try to keep calm and handle setbacks well every time little “bathroom accidents” happen.