Potty Training: 5 Easy Steps

Potty training your little one doesn’t always need to be such a hassle. Sometimes, all you need is the right mindset, patience, and determination to successfully train your toddler.
You’ve probably heard a lot of scary stories and nerve-racking experiences from other parents, but knowing the right information will avoid major setbacks in the future. Here are five easy steps to potty train your child:

1. Have The Talk
Your child must be physically and emotionally ready for training. Your job is to make sure he’s prepared to start by checking signs – can he walk, run, and take his pants off? Can he understand basic instructions? Those are some of the things you need to look out for before starting. You have to talk to your child and simply let him know why you’re training him and why it’s important. Avoid using vague words and be as straight to the point as possible (make sure you fully explained the whole process in a simple manner, though. Too much information can be a lot to take)

2. Introduce The Potty
Introduce the whole concept of potty training through your child’s stuffed toys. Throw hints like, “I think Spongebob needs to go to the potty”, this will keep him wondering and of course, interested. Once your child is aware of how it works, it’s time to get him his very own potty chair.

3. Choose The Right Potty Chair
Choosing the right potty chair for your child won’t be hard because there are a lot of designs to choose from. Make sure you bring him along so he can choose his own chair. The idea is to make your child feel that he owns his chair and he can customize it any way he wants, so that he will use it all the time. You can place the chair wherever you like, but the ideal place is in the bathroom, beside your regular toilet so he can imitate.

4. Demonstrate
Once you and your toddler are ready to start, track a schedule and create a routine by setting a certain time in the day to take him to the potty. It is important to demonstrate how it’s done because children tend to imitate adults all the time. Once you’ve shown your toddler the basic steps and methods, have him seated on the potty and wait for him to finish. You can play a game together or read him a book while he’s seated.

5. Don’t Forget To Praise And Hand Your Child Rewards
It’s important to let your child know that he’s doing a good job, and what better way to show that than through little treats and rewards? It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a simple sticker would do. Always remember that potty training is also an opportunity for you to bond with your child. A little trip to buy ice cream or even candies would do the trick. Don’t forget to praise him for doing a good job!