Making Potty Training Easy – For You and Your Child

Getting your little one to be potty trained is easier said than done, you need to have a lot of extra patience and a whole lot of determination to train your child even though you must face a few inconsistencies from your kids most of the time. It’s because they are kids, what more can you ask for them. Remember first timers will often find it harder than folks that have kids before. As first timers for potty training you must anticipate a lot of setbacks and incidents, let’s prepare for the worst and times when your kids will be driving you nuts.
One of the worst thing that could ever happen to a training for potty is what they call potty training regression. For a short time, your kid will appear to be doing well and things are working according to plan, but the next day or morning you will experience incidents again of pee and poop. It is normal, sometimes they regress on their progress but we must admit, it does gets frustrating and on your nerve. As someone who expects things to work out well, you will be wondering what went wrong and why regression is happening instead of progress. If you want to learn more about this topic you should be reading our great tips below.
When you first notice that regression is happening, you must immediately know what’s the underlying cause of it all. Sometimes the kids are just stressed out. It may be due to an event that has happened recently or he just got too excited with school etc. The cause could always be anywhere and anything out of the blue. Once you know what it is, rest assured that you will be fine and things will normalize soon once these distractions and stress go away. Do not force things right away to be okay, they will be in due time.
Also, be creative in solving problems that hinders your progress with potty training for your kids. Make things less intimidating for them, keep everything simple and always have a backup plan. As a good parent, it is your responsibility to do your best in making the environment and the steps that will guide your child to a safe, secure and progressive potty training. Expect hiccups to happen occasionally, but be ready to deal with them too.
Lastly the reward system has always been proven to work well with kids of all ages. And hard to admit, but it works well with adults too. Reward all good progress that you and your child have met and all the milestones must be remembered and looked back as great accomplishments. Make things fun and the rewards to be simple and not that expensive. Remember the reason why you want to potty train your kids is to lose the diaper, not only that this gives you savings but also helps with the kid’s development as well.