Potty Training 101: Essentials

You’ve finally decided to potty train your toddler. You know it won’t be easy, but you’re mentally prepared for the stress you’re about to go through; but the question is – are you physically prepared for it? Potty training requires the right equipment that will best suit both you and your little one.
These items are not hard to find, and they will surely help your child practice more. So before you start, get your hands on these basic items:

Potty Chair
Invest in the right potty chair for your toddler. Potty chairs are available in a variety of colors and designs like cartoon characters. These little chairs are also very convenient because they can be moved around the house. If you’re on a budget, you can also try the seat reducer – which sits on top of a toilet seat and makes it child-friendly. Most seat reducers come in different sizes, colors, and a padded cushion to make it comfortable for your child.

Flush-Able Wipes
Toilet paper usually does the trick, and it’s impossible not to find one in your house, but buying flush-able wipes can also be very convenient especially since it makes cleaning up easier. These wipes are softer than baby wipes and are safer for plumbing, so it will also save you from the trouble.

Hand soap
It’s important to remain hygienic during the whole experience, because it will also teach your child to make washing their hands a habit. Instead of the usual hand soap, try getting foaming soap. Your child will definitely love the bubbles!

Training Underpants
You can choose from disposable and reusable styles for your child. Training pants are particularly designed to let your child feel wetness so he’d know when it’s time to use the potty. Training pants also don’t soak through clothes, which makes it all the more convenient.

Your Child’s Personalized Progress Chart
Tracking your child’s progress and letting him see it will make him eager and determined to finish. Place a progress chart near a wall beside his potty chair and let him decorate and color it by himself so he can enjoy it a little more.

Cleaning Supplies
Make sure you’re equipped with basic cleaning supplies like rags, paper towels and disinfecting spray. Setbacks are anticipated, and there will be lots of cleanups during the whole training, so it’s best to be prepared.

Potty Timer
Your child needs frequent bathroom visits to practice and he will need a routine to follow. A potty timer or a potty watch set at 30-minute intervals will remind your child to go to the toilet.

Rewards can be very simple. A little token that will make your child know that he’s done something good never hurt. It can be in the form of stickers, fruit snacks, candy, ice cream, or a little toy. Your child will realize that he’s being given a reward every time he makes progress, and that will motivate him to practice more until he finally gets used to it.