Potty Training That Is Fit For Boys

Many folks and parents alike always have this notion that girls are easier to manage and to train with potty training than boys. They have this thinking due to the fact boys are more easily distracted than girls. And it has been proven countless of times that boys are not as attentive and not as observant as you want them to be during training. But do remember that each child is unique and has their own way of doing things. It will be up to you as the parent to observe the qualities that will work for your baby boy as you are the one spending the most time with them. The basic requirements are that as long as your baby boy can crawl or is starting to walk, follow simple instructions and can take off his pants or wear them, then potty training is your next step in his development.
Many parents would often ask how would a toddler do potty training if he is a boy, will he be standing up or sitting down. Well if you ask experts, it really doesn’t matter at this stage and point of time, all he needs is the right guidance first for him to be familiarize of the steps to do when he wants to be doing potty by himself.
For kids that need special or lot more attention, always make them feel they are part of the learning process and they have a hands on experience at everything. This means if he likes a certain chair and how he approaches things in a different matter, encourage him, as long as the end goal is getting the job done with his potty training. Always tag along and be present in all the exercises that leads to him doing potty. Hold his hand, and in a good commanding voice tutor him on the correct way of taking off his pants and what to do during the session. But please do make sure that things are communicated in an interesting and simple matter. Do not complicate the simplest of instructions. Avoid words that he cannot understand. Always be the guiding hand. And when he finished, the last thing you can do is make him flush the toilet or let him do the hand washing to himself as a price of a job well done.
Always try to be relax and not that strict early on, for boys standing or sitting down will work for now, as long as he can learn to control his bladder muscles. When he is improving from control always make him try to pee standing up and use the toilet for target practice and shoot his pee. It is also better to have his daddy show it to him and aim the bowl because he might feel comfortable with him because he is a boy. Make this a good experience for him and not a frightful one. Make him wear boys underwear with superheroes and cars etc. So he gets the hang of it as it is, a fun loving activity but an important one to accomplish.