Potty Training: Problems and Solutions

Potty training is definitely one of a toddler’s milestones, and it takes really patient parents to guide and train him well. The process takes a couple of months – could be shorter if you are both consistent and determined to potty train your toddler. Setbacks are also normal and very much anticipated during the whole process, since it really takes a while for your toddler to get used to the whole “bathroom situation”. You may encounter some problems along the way, but these problems are definitely not something you should be stressed about!
Here are some problems you’re probably complaining about, and we’ve provided ways to handle them:

Your child refuses to use the toilet
It happens a lot, and it leaves you frustrated because you can’t figure out why your little one just won’t use the toilet. The thing is, some children are actually afraid of toilets. They’ve probably watched Finding Nemo and are left terrified by the scene where a fish gets flushed in the toilet. To them, it’s just one big shiny thing making loud noises and where things disappear. But of course, you can do something about this. Invest in a little potty chair and help your child be comfortable with it. Be creative – personalize it by writing his name on it and letting him decorate it on his own. This way, he’ll think of it as his own toy. This will make things easier for the both of you.

Your child just won’t listen to you
Your toddler gets upset when you tell him it’s time to use the potty. Oftentimes, he’d yell out a “No!!” and you’re left wondering why your child refuses to use the toilet. Frequently reminding him will just make him feel controlled. Simply make him feel at ease and free by placing his little potty chair near his play room or somewhere he can easily see it. Let him run around bottomless and make him feel that he can still play around if he’s not ready to use it; he’ll eventually use it himself, without your involvement.

Also, try to handle setbacks gracefully. Yelling at your child won’t do you any good, and he’ll most likely give up the whole training process if you keep on forcing him.

I think my child is constipated
One of the reasons why your child refuses to use the toilet is probably because he’s constipated. This just makes the whole potty training process uncomfortable for him, especially since he’s experiencing pain and purposely withholding his poop. It’s never too late to change his diet and go for fiber-rich foods like cereal, whole-grain bread and fruits. This will help your child regulate his “cycle”. Make sure he’s also hydrated and don’t give him too many dairy products since it may worsen his constipation.

I thought he was fully potty-trained, but he’s having accidents again
Small changes may interrupt your routine, and sometimes, it leaves your child confused, hence the bathroom accidents. Don’t make him feel bad or ashamed about it. Instead, have a little talk and explain that he’s old enough to use the toilet on his own. Don’t push it too hard, he’ll eventually learn. Encourage him and reward him every time he uses it on his own. This will make him feel that he’s doing something good, and he will most likely be consistent about it.