It’s Time To Potty Train Your Child

Finally your little toddler now is learning fast and is now talking like crazy but keeps on repeating words you have never heard of before. All of these makes you think what’s next and what other milestones he will be doing on the next months and weeks.
If you are happy with how your little bundle of joy is developing so far, then you are in for a few surprises. You might be jumping up for joy when he starts to speak a few words, then starts walking and changing clothes. But there will be more and more milestones in store for you and your kid in the coming weeks and months.
You are now inviting the thought that your baby is growing up and the thought of potty training him now early on has crossed your mind. Trust us on this but parents have gone through what you are going through right now.

As always people would want to shy away and avoid potty training as it may appear something you need a lot of effort to do. But with a little patience, determination and with good consistency and practice, you and your baby are on your way to finishing the thing. Always be observant with your kid, if he seems eager to do things on his own, then it is time to start the training. Watch out for tell tale signs that he needs more time and not force him to something he doesn’t understand.

You maybe thinking at this stage that your little bundle of joy maybe ready for potty training. You may have a million questions racing through your head, but don’t worry, almost all parents have gone through what you are going through right now. It is normal to dread potty training. Always know that like all kid related stuff, these two will pass and will be easy pickings as your child develops, but for now you just have to bear with it with a little more patience, trust, kindness and a little more understanding. Observe well your kid, you as the parents will be the first to know if they are right for potty training. If they are far more understanding to instructions than ever before, it is now time to take things a step further.

Always know that whenever you start something like big as this, bring as much love on the experience than having to deal with a lot of frustrations when things go south. Also know that kids no matter how smart or slow they are at comprehension and motor skills will always be kids, and that nothing can stop them from throwing in tantrums and other unpredictable behavior when they are just being kids.

We all know how you value your kids, so make sure they feel it during the trying times when they are in training and not just outright be upset if they screw up or fail a couple of times or more. There will be incidents and during these times, you should provide a strong pillar of support and not overall be mad at the your kids.